GT Picks: Outdoor Fun for Early Fall

GT PICKS will be a recurring feature that will provide insight on a collection of restaurants, bars or food-themed events that I feel are worth giving a try. The places included in each collection will be tied to a common theme or category. My first GT PICKS features my recommendations on outdoor spaces you should visit during the early part of Fall. Enjoy! 

With the last days of warmer weather quickly slipping from our grasp,  I encourage all of you to enjoy the longer days, radiant sun and lightweight attire.  To make these days and nights a little more bittersweet, here are my picks for outdoors spaces (with food and beverage, of course) you must take some time to enjoy before the weather grows cold OR the venues close for the season!

Independence Beer Hall - Located right across the street from Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell, Independence Beer Garden is a must-see for tourists and Philly natives alike. An open and airy venue serving a sizable list of beers on tap, and a decent selection of food, you won't be disappointed spending your last nights of warmer weather here.

PHS Pop-Up Beer Garden - Each year the Philadelphia Horticultural Society renovates an empty lot (or two!) turning the open space into a seasons beer garden. This year PHS gifted us with TWO spaces (one at 15th and South Streets and the other at 9th and Wharton). Enjoy a carefully curated draft lists as well as food trucks and food options at each location!

Spruce Street Harbor  A newer Philadelphia attraction that welcomes visitors of all ages. Complete with an eclectic mix of stands serving a variety of carnivalesque fare (including Waffle Ice Cream Sandwiches, Funnel Cake and, of course, BEER! ). If the food isn't enough to entice you, lounging in one of the spaces many hammocks, playing a game life-sized JENGA or looking out onto the Delaware River may be just enough to hold your attention! 

Silk City Diner Bar & Lounge - Nestled on the corner of 4th and Spring Garden Street, Silk City is a restaurant that is close to my heart boasting a menu of hearty comfort food and new-takes on old favorites. Warmer weather makes this spot even more delightful, as patrons have the opportunity to partake in their libations and cuisine in an outdoor patio and bar. 

The Continental Mid-Town - This list would not be complete without a rooftop deck! The Continental Mid-Town ( a Stephen Starr favorite!) has a beautiful sky lounge and rooftop patio complete with a mix of futuristic and Mid-Century decor. It also serves a list of out-of-this-world cocktails and appetizers. As an added bonus, heat lamps scattered across the outdoor patio make this place enjoyable well into Fall.

Do you have any other recommendations of places we must get to before the weather breaks? Leave a comment below!