Geo's Favorite Things: The "Foodie" Holiday Gift Guide

Gift-giving is an art that can be quite difficult to master. Navigating stores (in person and online) to find a present that warms the recipient's heart often seems like a daunting task with no end in sight. To make this process a little easier, I have taken a cue from my homegirl, Oprah Winfrey, who brilliantly constructs a list each year of "her favorite things." The popular list attracts the masses, and can give even the most inexperienced gift-giver some wonderful ideas.

If  you have a "food lover" like myself in your life, or know someone who would appreciated a gift of the "edible" or "adventurous" variety, then look no further. I am happy to present "Geo's Favorite Things" my first "Foodie" Holiday Gift Guide, to accompany you on your own adventures in gift giving.


For the person with a sweet tooth or who likes fun surprises!


5 Easy Holiday Side-Dishes

And just like that - we're back....

It's funny how time miraculously moves at light-speed and in the blink of an eye the holiday season is greeting us with a warm embrace. Thanksgiving, my favorite holiday (next to my birthday), is typically a day where I rejoice in the warmth of my kitchen which has been transformed into an oasis of autumn aromas.  This year, as we approach this glorious occasion I have feelings of anxiety and fear. 

For the first ever, Mark and I are the brave souls who volunteered to host the "annual" feast at our home. As we finalize logistics for an intimate, but enjoyable evening with my immediate family, I have searched far and wide for dishes that are trudge the line of innovation, but still appeal to the pickiest of eaters (*cough* my mother).

As you curate your own menus for the BIG day, my pinterest board  for "Holiday Dishes" may get your gears turning and mouths salivating.  If you're looking for some easy items to add a little flare to your table,  look no further as I have hand-picked these special (and might I add quite EASY to make) side-dishes just for you.

5 Easy Holiday Side-Dishes 

1. Brown Sugar Green Beans Wrapped in Bacon (recipe via eRecipe Cards)

2. Slow-Cooker Corn and Jalapeno Casserole (recipe via Real House Moms)

3. Brussel Sprouts with Cranberries and Pecans (recipe via Southern Bites)

4, Sweet Potatoe Souffle (recipe via Vintage Zest)

5, Sausage and Rice Dressing  (recipe via Kalyn's Kitchen)