Summer Style with Dapper Black Box™ - August Edition

At Geo's Table we believe in the uplifting and supporting those changing the game in our community. This month's feature is the third and final of the Geo’s Table “Summer Style”  collaboration  with the trailblazing, Black-owned subscription service Dapper Black Box.

Each month subscribers receive a carefully curated selection of men's accessories, grooming products and other tokens designed for the style conscious gentleman. The best part, every month the products featured are made with love by black entrepreneurs and businesses.

This month's box included a deliciously bold Knit Ties and Patterned Socks from TYED by Dede, Magnetic Collar Stays by OSK Styles and Fresh Meat Wipes from Scotch Porter . This month's box was made in honor of Bayard Rustin, a civil rights activist who was instrumental in several major historical events that shaped the civil rights movement. 

A little known fact here on my blog is that I am a member of Delta Phi Upsilon Fraternity, Incorporated. Delta Phi Upsilon is the nation's first fraternity for gay men of color. We believe in uplifting the LGBT community and communities of color through unwavering service without expectations. With this being said, our first honorary member was the late Bayard Rustin.

In the 1950's, Rustin became an organizer, strategist and trusted friend of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. He was a major force behind the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom as well as the bus boycott in Montgomery, Alabama. Throughout his life he was also an avid activist and support of economic equality, and LGBT rights. In honor of Mr. Rustin and his legacy, I also dedicate this blog post to him. 

Summer Style Inspiration for August & September

#BlackBoyJoy is a hashtag I follow on instagram, it is also the perfect descriptor for how I felt when I opened this month's Dapper Black Box. With red being my FAVORITE color (and coincidentally one of my fraternity's official colors) I was elated to see a very bold red knit tie included in this month's package. As an added bonus, a pair of red patterned socks also graced me with their presence. 

It can be difficult to match a color this vibrant, but I was determined to let this tie have its moment. Pairing the tie with a quirky "tiny zebra" print shirt by Bar III and a taupe pinstripe suit from Express, I was able to capture the essence of proper summer suiting, while still allowing the tie to shine.  And for some flare, I added a gold tie-bar also by TYED by Dede (included in the Amos Dapper Black Box™).

Check out my photoshoot below!

It has been an absolute pleasure doing this series! A special thanks to Aaron Barnes, the found and owner of Dapper Black Box™ for allowing me to showcase these products!

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