The Buy Black Father's Day Gift Guide 2018


Less than TEN DAYS until we celebrates Father's Day, and there's still ample opportunity to grab the father figures in your life something extra special. This year, my Father's Day Gift Guide has a #buyblack focus, so I would be remiss if I didn't take a moment to honor the man who has had one of the  biggest influences on my life and how I view the world. 

George Sr. (affectionately known as Conrad to our friends and family) is a man I greatly cherish. The original "dapper dad" and my family's resident "cake man"; I credit my father for jump-starting my love of fashion and food at a very early age. Growing up, getting ready for school was a daily event with my father helping me identify clothing that didn't clash, and outfits that had the right amount of flare. When he wasn't teaching me how to match colors, he was filling our home with the sweet smells of his Pineapple Upside Down Cake  (his signature recipe which made it's worldwide debut on my blog) and other baked goods.

Instilling in me the values of family first and loving unconditionally, my dad has taught me and my sisters so much about being compassionate humans who care about our world and our community.

In  honor of my Dad and all of the phenomenal father figures I've had throughout my life, this year's father's day gift guide features a diverse mix of gifts made with love by black entrepreneurs.

Check out the gift guide below!

Father's Day Gift Guide 2018