Geo's Favorite Things: The "Foodie" Holiday Gift Guide

Gift-giving is an art that can be quite difficult to master. Navigating stores (in person and online) to find a present that warms the recipient's heart often seems like a daunting task with no end in sight. To make this process a little easier, I have taken a cue from my homegirl, Oprah Winfrey, who brilliantly constructs a list each year of "her favorite things." The popular list attracts the masses, and can give even the most inexperienced gift-giver some wonderful ideas.

If  you have a "food lover" like myself in your life, or know someone who would appreciated a gift of the "edible" or "adventurous" variety, then look no further. I am happy to present "Geo's Favorite Things" my first "Foodie" Holiday Gift Guide, to accompany you on your own adventures in gift giving.


For the person with a sweet tooth or who likes fun surprises!